For your Daihatsu Models

Our Service & Pricing

Car Diagnostics
Starts From AED 150
Oil Change
Starts From AED 150
Mobile Mechanics
Starts From AED 100
Windscreen Replace
Starts From AED 500
Brake Service
Starts From AED 300
Clutch Service
Starts From AED 1200
Starts From AED 350
Starts From AED 550
Auto Electrical
Starts From AED 200
Radiator Repairs
Starts From AED 400
All Major Services
Starts From AED 800
Pre-purchase Inspection
Starts From AED 150
Car Battery
Starts From AED 100
Starts From AED 400
Engine Repair
Starts From AED 3500
Wheel Alignment
Starts From AED 100
Air Conditioning
Starts From AED 200
Body Repair
Starts From AED 450
Dent Repair
Starts From AED 450
Underbody Coating
Starts From AED 800
Car Polishing
Starts From AED 300
Painting Works
Starts From AED 500
Car Detailing
Starts From AED 300
Car Wash
Starts From AED 100
Window Tinting
Starts From AED 500
Tyres Services
Starts From AED 100
Car Restoration
Starting From AED 4000
Car Bumper
Starts From AED 500

Free Pickup and Delivery

We offer absolutely free pickup and delivery for all our customers.

About Daihatsu

In the automobile business, Daihatsu has established a strong global presence and earned a good reputation. Daihatsu has made it a priority to offer customers all over the world dependable, effective, and innovative automobiles ever since it was founded in 1907.
Daihatsu automobiles are renowned for their exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology, and usefulness. The company caters to a wide range of consumer interests and requirements by offering a diverse portfolio of cars, including compact models, tiny vehicles, and SUVs. Daihatsu has established itself as a reliable option for drivers who are concerned about the environment by placing a significant emphasis on fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability.
Daihatsu has amassed a distinguished record and received various awards over the course of its existence. Daihatsu is a reputable and well-respected name in the automobile business thanks to its commitment to workmanship, safety, and performance, which has been recognized by both industry insiders and consumers.
Daihatsu is well-known in its home market of Japan, but it has also broadened its horizons to include a number of foreign countries. Due to the brand’s dedication to quality and dependability, customers from all over the world may enjoy the driving experience that Daihatsu vehicles deliver.
Redfox Auto Care, one of UAE’s most reputable car garage, is ready to help with all of your beloved Daihatsu vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs. Our trained staff is committed to offering thorough, dependable maintenance services catered to the individual requirements of your Daihatsu. With our knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, we make sure that your Daihatsu keeps performing at its peak, giving you worry-free driving.

Daihatsu Models

We Work On

Daihatsu Gran Max Pickup
Daihatsu Gran Max Van
Daihatsu Terios
Daihatsu Sirion
Daihatsu Rocky
Daihatsu Mira
Daihatsu Hijet
Daihatsu Move
Daihatsu Copen
Daihatsu Charade
Daihatsu Esse
Daihatsu Tanto
Daihatsu Ayla
Daihatsu YRV
Daihatsu Mira Gino
Daihatsu Pyzar
Daihatsu Avanza
Daihatsu Sonica
Daihatsu Mira Cocoa
Daihatsu Fellow Max
Daihatsu Bee
Daihatsu Compagno
Daihatsu Charmant

Free Pickup and Delivery

We offer absolutely free pickup and delivery for all our customers.

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