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Hummer, an off-road vehicle that was the signature of America’s love towards hulking trucks, has a significant position in the heart of auto enthusiasts. Founded in 1992, the brand is well known for its lineup of pickups and SUVs that was initially launched when AM General started selling a civilian version of Humvee. Due to some financial crisis and a fall in sales, the company was out from the limelight in 2010, however regained its power and showed back as a sub-brand of General Motors Co. in 2020. Hummer is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, US.

In 2009, as a part of General Motors bankruptcy, the company announced the plan of discontinuing the model. However, they later revealed a deal with another company wherein the other company had agreed to take over the brand and continue its production. But the plans did not work out well and the brand was temporarily shut down. Later in mid 2019, news was spread about the revival of the brand nameplate as the market for off-road vehicles witnessed a rise in sales. The journey wasn’t easy but the strong desire to bring back the model slowly started to get real. Finally, the nameplate returned to the marketplace for the 2022 model year not as a separate make brand, but as electric pickup truck and SUV models sold under the GMC brand as the “GMC Hummer EV”.

Your love for Hummer is quite evident through the fact that you currently drive one. Express the love towards your car by giving it the best possible care. Redfox, which is packed with enthusiastic staff who are skilled enough to take care of your Hummer would be nothing less than the perfect choice.

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Free Pickup and Delivery

We offer absolutely free pickup and delivery for all our customers.

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